The School for Human Rights History Departments goal is to ensure that our scholars develop a better understanding and appreciation of history, geography, cultures, economics, political systems, and civil participation.   In order to prepare students to succeed in a rapidly changing global society, The School for Human Rights history program allows students to make sense of the world in which they live, make connections between major ideas and their own lives, and see themselves as active members of a global community.

While knowledge of content is very important, it is equally important to engage our students in historical thinking. This program challenges students to think like historians and encourages them to raise questions, think critically, consider many perspectives, and gather evidence in support of their interpretations through the practice of chronological processing, decision-making, problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, and historical research and analysis. These real-world skills will serve students well as participating citizens of a democracy.

We strive to foster the qualities that will lead students to become independent, reflective, and ethical contributors to our democratic society.


Diploma Requirements:

Students take four years (8 credits) of History courses to graduate with a Regents Diploma.



Global History & Geography I

Global History & Geography II

US History & Government

Participation & Government


Human Rights